Leaning out Redundancy



This project addressed the overall usability of the existing "User Settings" feature. I evaluated the look and feel of the "User Setting" feature and compared it those offered by similar companies.


I performed a heuristics evaluation and a competitive analysis prior to creating initial sketches.


  • Heuristics
  • Competitive analysis
  • Illustrator  


Poor location

  1. The current link placement got lost in the UI. 
  2. The 'User Settings' page was three levels down. 
  3. The 'User Settings' page contained unnecessary input fields.


  1. The code was old and challenging to update.



After completing a heuristics evaluation I concluded that the existing "User Settings" feature was both confusing and redundant. 

User testing

I reached out to users to find out what they wanted to see in "Settings" and eventually settled on the following changes:

  1. Name associated with account
  2. Email associated with account
  3. Default account (for users with multiple accounts)
  4. Display count
  5. Timezone
  6. Phone number associated with account


I set out to reduce redundancy by gaining a better understanding of user needs when accessing the "User Settings."  This involved identifying how items like "user permissions" and "multi-account access" might affect what should appear in a user's "User Setting."

Updating Navigation

I proposed changing the location of the "User Settings" link from the top right navigation to a dropdown nested under the user's account number.

Usability Testing

I conducted usability testing for the new "User Settings" to evaluate functionality and observed that 11 out 12 people found the new "User Settings" more accessible and intuitive.

 Detail of existing User Setting with 9 icons 

Detail of existing User Setting with 9 icons 

 Detail of  page that 7 out of nine icons linked to

Detail of  page that 7 out of nine icons linked to



The updated design provided a more fluid workflow and accommodates new features.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 8.50.46 PM.png